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    Sugar Blossom

    You, and your jewelry shouldnít go unnoticed. Thatís why each piece is thoughtfully designed for everyday wear with the underlying belief that your pieces should be lived in, loved and reflect your personality. Whether you're stacking your fave bracelets or layering some of your go-to necklaces, the combinations are endless when putting together your personalized look.

    Start stacking + create your own layered look you absolutely love. Have fun + express yourself through your jewelry with your own layers.


    Thereís no denying we love a good stack. Each piece in every Sugar Blossom collection is meant to be layered and stacked effortlessly together. To make the layered look we love oh-so-much easy to achieve, weíve meticulously thought out the length of each piece down to the millimeter and also how they look stacked together. Youíll be stacking your jewels like itís your job!

    Canadian designer, Kelli Miller is the creative mind behind Sugar Blossom Jewelry. For ten years, Kelli has been designing jewelry with the passion of creating fun and fashion-forward pieces. What started as assembling her own jewelry from her momís jewelry box and vintage pieces has now blossomed into something bigger than she imagined, selling to large retailers and boutiques across North America. With an eye for design and a profound appreciation of fine detail, Kelli continues to bring her fun-loving personality into her designs to give jewelry

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